What Type of Cameras do you use?

We are super fussy about our cameras! Because we rent them, we need to service them! Our cameras may vary slightly dependent on location. We normally carry 3 or 4 with us when visiting a site. All cameras are high quality domestic or semi professional units with full Australian & Local support. If a camera goes down, we replace it! See Camera Specs.

What If My Camera Stops Working?

If you are a GOLD Customer and your camera has developed a fault and stopped working, we will replace your camera as follows:
3-7 days for local installations
5-14 Days for Country Installations

For GOLD PLUS Plan clients:
We offer a priority 48 Hour Changeover Service Where Possible. (Metro Area)

For SILVER Plans, we offer a MAIL BACK Warranty Claim.

We also offer insurance policies for cameras as an option.

If you have not taken out a HYPERVISION insurance cover and your camera has been damaged by someone or something, you will need to claim this on your home / Contents insurance policy for replacement.

Who can see my video feed?

Each camera has a dedicated video feed from the camera to you via phone lines. Not Wifi! We do not reccommend WiFi Cameras (See article) You can see your video feed.

Our office security monitoring team can also access your feed. But as a rule, we will not access your feed unless asked to do so or you have a monitoring arrangement with us.

Your feed is private (Unlike WiFi)

Can I Use A Camera In The Bush or My Farm? (Remotely)

Yes absolutely! Providing there is phone range, we can provide full streaming and solar power back to any location for you! If the location is VERY remote and you don't visit very often, we may reccomend 2 cameras as a back up.

Can I purchase a camera after renting?

No. We only offer cameras for lease or rent.

Do the cameras feature GPS?

100% not! Our cameras DO NOT features GPS! The problem with a camera featuring GPS is that in the unliklely event a hacker does manage to gain access to your feed, they would also know exactly where your property is and whats going on there!

What if the camera is stolen, damaged or lost?

You are responsible for insurance of any equipment while it is under your rental agreement. Simply add the equipment to your contents or site insurance. It should not cost anything extra. In some instances it may reduce your premiums.

We do offer insurance on cameras for around $4 per week. Please contact us for this option.

Can I purchase a camera or gear?

We do sell some cameras, mounts and equipment. Please contact us

Why would I rent it rather than buy?

Renting a survellance camera for business offers many, many advantages over purchasing unless you have time to manage your cameras. See article on Why Rent!

Why didn't I receive a picture with my email?

Poor network connection is the most likely scenario. Your camera will try and send a picture at the time of alarm alert, but it there is no / low signal via the telstra towers, this may fail. Cold weather and weather events may exaggerate this as phone signals weaken in the cold

You will still get an email telling you the camera has triggered and you can log in for a look if desired. You will normally receive many emails in a row if there is activity on site.

Why Is My Camera Sending Alerts With No Activity?

Your camera will fire and send an email anytime it is triggered by an event. It is rare for them to send spook emails! However the things that can fire it off on site are:

Plastic Blowing Around
Unsecured Toilet Doors
A bird flying through or landing
Cats, Dogs and Animals A bright reflection (Sun flare) A Spider on the Lense

If you think the camera is going off for no reason, please contact us!


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